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How to Prepare for Starting Your Own Business

New businesses pop up across communities every single day. They come out of someone noticing a need for a good or service, someone wanting to put their talents to good use, or because someone is ready to be their own boss. The following tips will make sure you’ve fully prepared to start your own successful business.

How To Be A Leader As An Introvert

Leaders are often thought of loud and bombastic extroverts who tend to dominate the conversations of an office setting. While this may true in some cases, there are plenty of instances where an rather introverted individual has proved themselves to be a highly...

How to Ace your Performance Review

Annual performance reviews are the dread of many. No one wants to hear about their weaknesses and what they could be doing better at your job. Unfortunately, discussing our weaknesses are the only way to overcome them. Before your next review, follow these steps to...