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Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda is a highly experienced professional specializing in importing, marketing and sales, and management of major brands.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Olivares has excelled in high-level matters for brands on an international level. From the management of market-leading enterprises to the introduction of brands into new countries, Mr. Olivares has proven himself as a capable and passionate leader.

Mr. Olivares is currently part of the IG Capital Casa de Valores Directive. He is the President of Lits Group INC, a company incorporated in Panama which helps businesses effectively and efficiently manage their finances.

Lits Group INC provides a variety of services to meet the needs of their clients, such as:

✓ Sources of financing
✓ Outsourcing of logistics departments to support customers in their import businesses
✓ Tax Planning
✓ Management of third-party funds
✓ Collection and payment agent
✓ Investment funds
✓ Search

In addition to this role, Mr. Olivares also serves as Director of D-Bike CA. D-Bike is a representative and distributor for Venezuela of a variety of prestigious outdoor and sporting goods brands: Cervelo, Kona, Rocky Mountain, Lizard Skins, Xlab, Hed, Castelli, and Rotor. For over twelve years D-Bike has sponsored top athletes in triathlon, mountain biking and adventure racing specialties. As Director of this national distributor, Mr. Olivares plays an important role in the commercialization of top-notch athletic products in Venezuela.

Background and Prior Career

Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda initially graduated from Universidad Santa María, a private university in Venezuela. For over eight years, he was in charge of the representation and distribution of BMW (BMW Motorrad), Peugeot, and Ducati (Ducati Motor Holding) to Venezuela. Eventually the BMW brand was passed to The Bavarian Auto Group. Mr. Olivares was hired to handle the Bavarian Auto Group’s General Management needs. He also managed relations between their local offices and their headquarters in Germany.

Soon after he achieved this milestone in his career, Mr. Olivares continued his studies in Manchester, UK, where he specialized in Marketing. He balanced his studies with his diverse responsibilities at the Bavarian Auto Group, including the introduction of the MINI brand to Venezuela.

Mr. Olivares later became the CEO of Finalca Casa de Bolsa where he was responsible for optimizing financial products, ensuring the quality of the services offered, coordinating and supervising the activities of the Sales Advisors.

Olivares is a member of Milinvest. Milinvest is a financial society which is mainly responsible for making micro-investments for people in low-income households. The organization seeks to help family groups and individuals in purchasing vehicles, housing and appliances. 

Outside of his work, Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda is passionate about cycling, wildlife conservation, and winter sports. He enjoys mountain biking, road biking, and long distance riding. He also enjoys snowboarding and skiing and takes time to partake in those sports during the winter time. He is an advocate for wildlife conservation and contributes to causes that are helping to protect endangered species and animals’ natural habitats.