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Company culture is a huge factor in any successful business. In fact, research suggests that companies with a positive and rooted culture experience less turnover, higher productivity, and greater employee loyalty. However, building the foundation for a strong organizational culture is easier said than done. Here are a few companies that have hit the mark when it comes to organizational culture:


1. Netflix

Netflix is famous for its “culture deck” which focuses on nine core values. Employees who don’t fully embody these values are offered a generous severance package and asked to leave, ensuring everyone at Netflix is a star player.


2. Google

As a tech superstar, Google employs the best and the brightest. Once on board, the company offers a collaborative community, stock options, and most obviously, the best technology on the market.


3. Pro Athlete, Inc.

This sports equipment company is well-known for its long list of employee perks; included on the list are unique benefits, like access to the company’s Uber account, eyebrow waxing, and a $5,000 interest-free home loan.


4. Southwest Airlines

The company takes pride in their transparency and their ability to connect employees to the organizational strategy. They also empower their employees to provide the best customer service possible even if it means a hit to the bottom line.


5. REI

This adventuresome company has found ways to spoil their employees on a regular basis. Employees enjoy a vacation of their choice and are able to completely immerse and connect with the organization’s products and values.


6. Zappos

This online shoe store values culture so much that it conducts a cultural fit interview which carries a lot of weight in the overall decision to hire. Raises and promotions are merit-based and office politics are limited.


7. Disney

Disney is customer-focused and provides excellent training to all employees. It also offers career progression opportunities and encourage employees to get creative regardless of their role within the company.


8. Twitter

This cutting-edge company focuses on problem solving and teamwork. The collaborative environment makes work enjoyable and the company sticks to their core values as well.


9. Nike

This high-impact athletic company pushes employees to be better at their job each and every day. The constant challenge keeps employees engaged and able to problem solve.


10. Chevron

This company focuses on a family environment and promotes safety and health amongst employees. The company is well-known for having such a firm culture that the staff simply refers to it as “The Chevron way.”