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Good leadership isn’t as easy to find as it should be. There are many managers out there who consider themselves to be great while simultaneously creating a toxic work environment. All great leaders have a few traits in common and these can be learned and utilized by anyone. Take a look at the traits below to see how you can incorporate them into your leadership style to improve your work connections and productivity. 

Lead By Example

Good leaders know how to implement goals and follow them through from inception to completion. They focus on what needs to happen in order for a goal to be accomplished and organize the team accordingly. Leaders will help all levels of a team with clear direction and remain available to clear up any confusion.

Inspire Confidence

Great leaders communicate clearly and passionately enough to inspire those around them. Leaders should know how to motivate each individual employee’s working style to optimize results and workplace happiness. People will always work harder for leaders whom they respect and feel respected by than those they do not. 

Focus On Your Team

Leaders don’t need to prove themselves to anyone as their actions speak louder than words. If a leader is constantly improving the company’s methods as well as caring about their team’s workload and stress levels instead of solely focusing on improving their own career, everyone will benefit. Keep your team happy, challenged, and motivated so impressive results can follow. 

Seek Constructive Criticism

You cannot improve unless you know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Ask your team for honest feedback periodically with the intent of implementing positive change. Allow your employees to feel comfortable bringing up new ideas and processes that could bring improvements for the company, even if they are difficult to hear. 

Be Present

Leaders need to be fully present both physically and mentally when it comes to leading a team. Every single member of their team should feel valued and able to contribute in a meaningful way. By allowing yourself to lead in a way that recognizes efforts of those around you, you can create a team that will go above and beyond on every assignment to create something they can all be proud of.