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As an entrepreneur, you lead an especially busy life, which can sometimes leave you feeling frazzled and absent minded. By employing a few useful hacks, you can keep your responsibilities more ordered and reduce the chances of forgetting to accomplish important tasks. You may even be able to free up some time, so you won’t have to spend quite as many hours at your desk each week.


Break down your goals

Don’t try to dedicate yourself to reaching one big goal. Even when you do make progress, it can seem insignificant compared to your goal and that will leave you feeling frustrated. Instead, break that primary objective down into a group of smaller and more easily achieved goals. As you reach each goal, reward yourself for the success.


Keep a journal in easy reach

As you go through your day, you likely have random ideas or thoughts that will help your business in some way. Of course, if you’re like most people, you let those thoughts get replaced with more urgent matters. This can leave you with the feeling that you forgot something important and you’ll probably never put that thought into action. If you keep a notebook with you, you can write down those random thoughts and return to them when you have the time.


Save time and money with a virtual office

Making use of a virtual office can help you in a number of ways. It can help you manage your business on the go, reduce your overhead, and reduce your need for a full staff. Cloud computing has recently combined with mobile technology, so there are now very few things you can’t do from your phone, tablet or laptop. While you should research each technology before incorporating it into your business, creating a virtual office can make your life more convenient.


Employ the Two-Minute Rule

Introduced by David Allen, the Two-Minute Rule states that any task that can be completed within two minutes should be tackled immediately. When people put off these types of tasks, they often spend much more time planning them than it takes to actually do those tasks. Additionally, getting easily accomplished tasks out of the way early frees your time for more complex tasks.


Employing just a few simple hacks can make your days go much more smoothly. You may even discover hacks of your own that will help you run your business more efficiently. In addition to saving you time and frustration, employing new methods can help you become more productive, which will help your business grow faster.