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A small company might dread the interview process because they do not have a dedicated HR department to handle the interviews and hiring. However, interviewing candidates is part of the process required to find a suitable candidate for the position at the company. Of course, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle the questioning during the interview. Remember interviews are a two-way street. While you are sizing up the candidate, the candidate is sizing you up along with the company, wondering if your company is the right choice for them.


Study the education, skills, and background that is required for the perfect candidate. Design a number of interview questions to determine if the candidate possesses those skills. Ask them about their skills, abilities, and task performed at their places of employment to further judge their current or future abilities to handle the job.

Getting Ready

It’s also vital to prepare for the interview by sitting down and reviewing the candidate’s resume and letter of introduction. This should provide a great foundation for building a positive image for the company as a company that really takes a personal interest in job candidates.

The Interview Structure

Your role is to lead the candidate in the right direction. However, allow the candidate to do most of the talking during the interview. Let the candidate introduce themselves through their resume and by adding more information about their education, skills, experience, and other qualifications for the position with the company. Great insights into the candidate’s background and personality are easily obtained by letting them promote their job skills.

Friendly Structure

A cold and unfriendly interview will not open up the candidate to questioning. It only produces awkward moments and silence. Instead, offer a friendly greeting to the candidate. Shake their hand warmly. Offer them a glass of water or other refreshments. Give them the grand tour of the office and introduce them to team members. Dress professionally and act knowledgeable about the company and the type of candidate that is perfect for the job opening. Watch the candidate’s body language. Is the candidate acting awkward, unfriendly, warm or courteous?

Ending Notes

Keep the interview friendly and professional. Don’t get too chatty with the candidate. Remember, you have an important task at hand, selecting the right candidate for the job opening. Base your findings on facts and not personal feelings. Show the candidate common courtesy by informing them whether or not they were hired by email, regular mail, or a phone call.