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In order for an organization to achieve success, employee engagement must be managed. If an organization can successfully engage its employees, the benefits include stronger retention, more satisfied customers, better performance, and more. But this effort can be faked—employees must know it is genuine for it to work. Below are three ways to improve the employee engagement of an organization.

Strengthen Onboarding and Training

It’s impossible for employees to be engaged if they don’t know exactly what they should be doing. On the other hand, if they can master their duties, they’ll take more pride in what they do. This will not only lead to them being more engaged, but being more productive. If employees are successfully onboarded, they’ll know exactly how to do their job: the first step in better engagement.

Acknowledging Employees

Employees won’t instantly improve just because they’re recognized for their work. However, if they feel invisible or are treated like a machine, they’ll certainly become disengaged. Praise isn’t the only way to acknowledge an employee. Top level executives simply saying hello can work wonders. Direct supervisors can ask for their input on decisions. Camaraderie can be built between co-workers.

By taking these first two steps, employees will know exactly how to do their jobs—and feel like they’re appreciated for doing them.

Employee Development Efforts

While many candidates accept jobs because of the high salary and helpful benefits, they also want to develop once they become an employee. This means expanding their skills and having the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder.

If an employee is forced to do mundane, simple tasks day-in and day-out, they’ll likely start to look for a new position in less than a year. However, if they are constantly given new challenges after mastering a function, they’ll feel engaged and challenged. This will motivate them to stay with the organization long-term.

Leaders of organizations should take a look at the company vision. Where are they now, and where do they want to go? Without engaged employees, it’ll be impossible to get there. But, if employees are engaged from the start through on-boarding and training, and then developed and acknowledged, they may end up being the one that contributes the big idea that takes the company to new heights.