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All workplaces have their own unique set of challenges. These can be exacerbated by the introduction of a coworker you don’t get along with. Because they’re a fellow employee, you’ll have to interact with them, and remain civil. Luckily, there are strategies you can utilize to work with people you don’t like.


Talk It Out

Misunderstandings can often lead to a feeling of dislike between one or more people. Instead of allowing these negative emotions to grow stronger and permeate your entire working relationship with the person, opt to approach them in a mature and sincere manner to have a discussion to determine where the feelings of dislike began. These types of discussions can often lead to revelations of misunderstandings, which can then be smoothed over with clarification of the incidents so that the context can be better understood.


Avoid Them If Need Be

Sometimes, the animosity between people cannot be solved with discussion or through other means. When a working relationship becomes a rivalry, the only option you may have to keep your working environment as stress-free as possible is to avoid the person as much as possible. Eat your lunch in a different area if they’re going to be in the lunch room. Don’t sit near them during a company meeting. If you’re forced to work together, do as much work around them as is necessary and complete the rest on your own away from them. Don’t engage them in any type of prolonged conversation other than a polite acknowledgment of their presence. Just because you have to work together doesn’t mean that you have to spend time together unnecessarily.


Don’t Cause Drama

You want to maintain a mature and reliable reputation at your place of employment. Starting fights and venting your dislike of a fellow employee to other employees or members of management will only work against you in this regard. Although you may find the venting of your feelings to be cathartic, your fellow employees may not be able to see your resentment from your point of view. They could listen to your complaints and begin to think less of you as a person. Worse, they could bring this animosity to the attention of your company. This has the potential to lead to a formal warning or even termination. Do yourself a favor and only vent to friends and family about your infuriating co-workers.