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As humans we are wired to avoid anything that might lead to disappointment. We also view failure as a sign of weakness and defeat. As an entrepreneur, it’s time to throw our thoughts about failure right out the window. Entrepreneurs should embrace failure and fail often on their road to success.

Nobody wants to see you fail
Some people perceive failure as being a quitter, but anyone who has failed knows that you’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into any business endeavor. Everyone is rooting for your business to succeed and will be there to support you even if something doesn’t go as planned.

Each failure gets easier
The first time you fail as an entrepreneur it’s going to be difficult and pretty painful. You’ll probably have a ton of regrets about how you could have changed things and doing something different might have changed the failure into a success. Guess what, leave all these thoughts behind! Each time you fail or something in your business plan fails, dealing with it will get easier. Use the failure as a stepping stone to success!

Failure leads to learning
Every single time a failure happens, it can be used as a learning opportunity. It will give you new was to try different things that maybe didn’t work the first time, or will work with improvements. Just because something didn’t work out the first time doesn’t mean it is meant for failure. Use these opportunities as a way to learn from your mistakes or learn new ways to do things.

Success becomes sweeter after failure
Failure can be a sign of upcoming success and when that success is reached, it is much sweeter and will feel like a huge victory. Looking back over the failures you had before you achieved success becomes much more valuable. Do not take your successes for granted because sometimes they can be hard to come by and failure can happen more often.

Failure makes for a great comeback
Failure is a great motivator for your employees and the people around you to work harder to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Steve Jobs might have been fired by Apple, but his return 10 years later as CEO is one of the best comeback stories out there!

Remember, failures are not a professional weaknesses, they make you more human and humble. They should be expected and something that should be embraced. Failure may be hard and a tough pill to swallow, but it will only lead to future success!