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Fresh out of college? Or maybe just looking for a career change? If so, you may have considered pursuing a career in marketing. The world of marketing covers a wide spectrum of careers, with different areas better suited to some than others. If you’ve been wondering if this is the right career for you, read here about four different types of marketing to help you decide if any are a fit.



Promotion marketing uses incentives to engage a specific audience with a brand or organization. The job involves a lot of strategizing on contest-focused campaigns, usually centered around a specific event, such as a movie launch. Over the past few years, this area has been experiencing a lot of change, especially due to social media, making it an exciting and dynamic field to be working in.


Public relations

Public relations professionals work to bring consumer and media attention to different brands and organizations in a new light. The field focuses heavily on relationship building with a client’s target demographic in order to garner positive feelings. Be prepared to work long hours and overtime, especially in entertainment or crisis PR. It’s the perfect role for those who love working and interacting with people as part of their day-to-day.



Advertising is what most people think of when they think of marketing careers. Its sole purpose is to get a target audience to purchase your product and give money to your company. Advertisers spend their work days coming up with ideas for print, TV, online and radio ads, all unique to their specific platform. If you’re an idea person, this job could be a great fit. Creativity and innovation will help you to get ahead here.


Brand management

Brand management involves a lot of research and analytics, as it’s researching how a brand is viewed in the eyes of its target audience. To do this, you’ll have to research your client’s competition and see how they compare, know the best strategies a company can use to create a strong brand image, and help them choose the best ways for them to stand out from the crowd. You will be helping the brand to better connect with their audience.