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For many entrepreneurs, 2019 looks to be a standout year in business. With a booming economy and a myriad of highly successful startups such as Uber and Airbnb set to make IPOs potentially worth billions of dollars in coming months, the future is bright indeed for entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and investment philosophies. Here are just three entrepreneurship trends likely to take 2019 by storm.

The Gig Economy
Already making waves in popular culture due to the popularity of customer service apps such as Airbnb and Uber, it seems likely that 2019 will see serious growth in the so-called “gig economy” sector of the tech industry. With Silicon Valley investors and world-class companies alike making big bets on the next generation of revolutionary start-ups, it certainly seems that the market is ready to accommodate the next wave of on-demand companies.

Nontraditional Investments
As more and more individuals turn to the Internet to streamline their businesses and investment portfolios, a rise in digital money trading has slowly taken over traditional Wall Street investment avenues in recent years, and 2019 looks to be a breakout period for investors who interested in the potential for digital currencies such as Bitcoin to hit the mainstream. With a 2017 peak valuation of over $17500 per “share,” Bitcoin appears to have paved the way forward for unorthodox investments that bring entrepreneurs a big pay-off, and 2019 will no doubt see a host of imitators vie for the crypto-currency crown.

The Financial Independence Movement
As a generation known for grappling with huge student loan debt and skyrocketing housing costs, many millenials have been turning heads recently by kicking their savings accounts and investment portfolios into overdrive to beat the market at its own game. The so-called “FIRE” movement (short for Financial Independence, Retire Early) embraces old-school savings and investment techniques to provide entrepreneurs with the ability to have a retirement fund in place mid-career, and as the movement makes headlines around the US and abroad, expect to see more and more people making the leap into early retirement between the ages of 35 and 50. Eschewing traditional career arcs and utilizing Roth and S&P 500 accounts to their advantage, a new generation looks set to change the money management game in a big way.

For these reasons, 2019 will likely be a big year in entrepreneurship; with more and more companies and investors embracing the digital marketplace to reap the rewards of nontraditional investment strategies, it appears that the age of Internet 3.0 is closer than most people realize. For many entrepreneurs, it has never been easier to get the ball rolling towards a life spent making sound investments, and for many new-school investors, that is excellent news indeed.