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The debate has long raged on as to whether certain traits can be learned or if you just have to be born with them. Among these traits are leadership, creativity, and more recently, entrepreneurship. The truth is, to be successful in any endeavor requires some strange blend of innate talent, learning (or education) and hard work (or practice). Here are three reasons why it’s essential to develop good entrepreneurial skills, regardless of whether you are born with a talent for it or not.

1. Most skills are useful in any field
We often think of “creative” people as being artists of some kind. Painters, musicians, sculptors, photographers and filmmakers are all thought of as being in “creative fields.” The truth is, however, that accountants, lawyers, bankers and even coders are also creatives. Coders will tell you that there is a beauty and elegance to specific code, much like a work of art. Lawyers are regularly called upon to find creative ways of navigating through legal loopholes, and there is no doubt that attorneys have to be skilled actors in the courtroom. In the same way, building good entrepreneurial skills are important in any field or endeavor.

2. Entrepreneurial skills aren’t just valuable if you want to start your own company
The term “entrepreneur” has become almost entirely synonymous with starting your own company. The truth is, however, entrepreneurs are simply people that “go their own way” in any endeavor. A person that designs an entirely new product or system for an established company is demonstrating the same skills as someone who starts their own company. No matter what type of work you do – for yourself or someone else – entrepreneurial skills are necessary.

3. Business is a part of life
Most professional athletes spend the majority of their lives developing their skills on a court or field. If they are successful, however, their hard work will often generate a massive salary. That’s where entrepreneurial skills come in. They may have advisors to help them out, but if they rely too heavily on their advisors, they can quickly find themselves broke while their advisors are sitting on a beach somewhere enjoying the fruits of their labor. If success results in income, then without entrepreneurial skills, you will most likely lose it very quickly.